Beauty or just a hint of nostalgia?

My fascination with patterns enables me to see beauty in unexpected places. Mood and memory certainly provide grist for the aesthetic mill. Was I a baby staring at the blinds of a window near my crib, a morsel from the age of innocence that compels me to notice light and shadow play? We respond to sounds, smells and tastes that bring our senses to the edge of a long forgotten moment. What if these moments of almost remembering bear the seeds of a gestalt that encompasses our entire lives in one instant? Will we stand on that brink when passing beyond this world? So many questions, so little time (or perhaps too much time idly spent). In driving home from work I began to notice urban scenes that sparked my imagination. The first two were on Guadalupe St. and the rest are from the soon to be razed, 33 year old Deutchman’s Plumbing on South First St. The great Yelp review linked here by Kyle S. paints Herr Deutchman as a wry character indeed.

I wonder, was the old barn of a building imbued with some of that character? I don’t know, maybe it’s me or maybe there is something in these shots that I feel but cannot see. You tell me.

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