Becoming a Grandmother in the Year of the Roadrunner

I learned a lot about roadrunners in 2019. Last spring, out for a saunter, I heard a pure, sorrowful keening. It had a deeper resonance than a mourning dove and tugged at my heart. After awhile I found the source – a lonely roadrunner standing on top of a budding wisteria arbor, crooning to its mate. It was something I had never seen, which is always worth noting.

My second encounter was when I was swimming and a roadrunner hopped up on a pool chair and started making a sharp, clacking sound, like castanets. You can hear it in this video of a roadrunner I took at the Wildflower Center in November.

Roadrunner symbolism focuses on their speed and agility, their communicativeness and ability to ward off evil. Expect things to change quickly if roadrunners make their presence felt. I’ve always thought there was something magical about these little dinosaurs. And this has been another year of big changes, with more on the horizon.

My granddaughter, Cosima was born in May of 2019. I felt a strong connection to her even in my daughter’s womb. There is much roadrunner energy in this little dynamo and a lot of joy. We both love to laugh and play, which she recognized right away. Meeting a little soul mate is always spiritually and emotionally rewarding and I’m grateful she is welcomed into a loving family.

Cosi’s expressions are as complex as her young, old soul. Babies are much deeper than most give them credit for and I like old lady, librarian Cosi as much as the little giggler speed crawling across my living room. She is already yipping up a storm, so I’m really looking forward to what she has to say when she learns to talk.

Grandmothers are staunch allies and protectors. I’m hoping wisdom is part of the package, too. When we love, we want to be the best versions of ourselves. This new decade gives us all a new opportunity to create a world fit for the children we love. Let’s go!

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