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The Hidden World of the Maya @ the Witte Museum

West Austin Studio Tour – South

Art deco automobiles at MFAH

Shamans of the Avant Garde

Intimate Impressionism at the McNay

Matisse, Oracle of the Emergent Anima

Wild Beasts of the Jazz Age – Matisse and Fauvism

SAMA presents “Tim’s Vermeer”

Sauntering the San Antonio Museum of Art

Fabric, Fashion and Texture at the McNay

The Guggenheim-Kandinsky in Paris

James Turrell:The Light is the Message

South by South Austin 2013

It’s Environmentally Inspired – Austin Art Shines at 410 E 6th

A Photo Tribute to Norman Bel Geddes

Mile High City Art in Denver

Beauty or just a hint of nostalgia?

West Austin Studio Tour – Hanging with David Amdur

East Austin Studio Tour 2011


UT Noir à Blanc

Morning Light

Central Austin Murals – Our tattooed city

Saturday SOLA Saunter

A is Red – Kundalini Jazz, a fine audio massage

East(er) Austin Street Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City

First Friday in Kansas City

The Chicago Art Institute

Riffing on Patti Smith

East Austin Studio Tour 2010

Sauntering around Austin – Dias de los Muertos

Austin Details Art + Photo gallery

The Austin Museum of Art

The McNay in San, Antonio

The Harry Ransom Center

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