Ghost Ranch – the red hills of Abiquiu, New Mexico

Ghost Ranch (beloved by Georgia O’Keefe) rolls over red cliffs and yellow cottonwoods clattering alongside quaking aspen trees in the sparkling light of the high mesa.  Most of the posts to follow will feature talks from the Women’s Deepening Wisdom Retreat with Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem and Chung Hyun Kyung.  But for me, nothing is more centering than the sound of wind blowing through the grass and leaves.  Part one of my journey here at the ranch.


2 Replies to “Ghost Ranch – the red hills of Abiquiu, New Mexico”

  1. Evelyn,
    Loved your blog post – photos, quotes, videoclips, all of it – from the Wisdom Sharing at Ghost Ranch. Nicely done!
    Laurie (from Oregon)

    1. Thanks Laurie, please email me a paragraph or two about your experience if you wish. I’m going to put together a final post that includes a number of people’s comments, kind of like the sticky notes we were asked to fill out on the last night. I appreciate your stopping by.

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