The Conversation

Healing Beauty

Feeding the Beast – Toxic Masculinity and God the Father

Catitude – The Wisdom of Fiona

Whose Eyes?

Speaking Truth to Fear, A Neolithic Perspective

Matisse, Oracle of the Emergent Amina

Space Time – It’s Alive

The Exquisite Corpse, Family Constellations and the Fractal Nature of Time

Stop Talking and Listen – Indigenous Solutions to Intellectual Violence

Magically Real

Buckminster Fuller and the Power of Belief

The Shadow Knows

I Am One and Many

What goes around comes around – Saturn, time and Frances Ha

Circle of Life

The Accidental Pilgrim Part II

The Accidental Pilgrim Part I

The Shell and the Kernel – an Easter reverie

The Center – an alchemical perspective

Port Aransas Winter Saunter

Finding Joy in the Season


Into the spiral shell
I ascend, the sound of ocean
waves lapping through my blood
The sea within
ebbing and swelling
With my breath

Still, serene, floating on the water
Into the horizon, nerves flickering
Like lightening bugs in a soft field
Of energy flowing through my body

This refuge, the hub
Suspended above and below
My thoughts
Namaste, peace
One and all

Yoga Flash Mob celebrates Summer Solstice in Times Square

Water and Cypress Tree Meditations

Celebrating the Space In Between

Yoga with LeeAnn Matson-Thomason

Tuning the body/mind for maximum pleasure and health. Contributors are welcome to submit articles, links and words of wisdom.

Who Owns Jesus? Who Owns Yoga? The debate rages on . . .

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Journal

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