It’s Environmentally Inspired – Austin art shines at 410 E 6th

It’s Environmentally Inspired (IEI Austin) launched the first of many notable events with a sustainably themed premier of diverse artworks at the townhome of Larry Graeber at 410 E. 6th St. The townhouse itself is an innovative, multistoried testament to Graeber’s vision and design elegance. Rhonda Rougeau, the director and founder of IEI Austin is a Louisianan and hails most recently from Houston where she led the Hive Houston‘s sustainability initiative. As a LEED certified interior designer and experienced project and marketing director, Rhonda showcases an impressive collection of artists who use repurposed materials to every imaginative advantage. My sauntering perspective from the February 7th gallery opening can be seen below, but there are many other entertaining opportunities this month to enjoy at this must see show.

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