James Robinson – Soulful Sundays at C-Boys Heart and Soul

C_Boys_heartMy friends and I caught James Robinson and his band in rehearsal mode at C-Boys Soulful Sunday before their gig at the Bitter End in NYC.  This is a clip of Billie Holliday’s Blues for a Day from their September 6th show. Featured performers include Rudy Eccles on bass, Joe Atkins on congas, Chris Clark on drums, and a “cat name Mathew” on guitar.

Cupid, Sam Cook‘s classic love song showcases James’ way with a soulful ballad, and makes it easy to recognize another big influence in  Donny Hathaway.  Like Hathaway, he aspires to record a live album at the Bitter End. From the September 20th show:

I was very fortunate to catch the multi-talented Chandra Washington perform an impromptu jazz poem, backed by a tight rhythm section and that cat Mathew and his mellow guitar.  It would be great to expand this jam with more jazz and spoken word artists.

You can catch James Robinson at C-Boys Soulful Sundays on the first, second and third Sundays of the month. And if you’re in Kansas City for the 18th and Vine Jazz and Blues Festival on October 12th, keep an eye out for him performing with saxophonist Dennis Winslett and percussionist Kahil El Zibar.  Looking forward to hearing more from this versatile and talented musician and his band.

4 Replies to “James Robinson – Soulful Sundays at C-Boys Heart and Soul”

  1. Hi Evelyn. I am Joe the percussionist with the James Roblnson Band. Thanks for the kind words and the video you posted This is the first net presence. Keep coming.

  2. Hello Evelyn, this is “A cat named Matthew”. Thanks for the great review, we always appreciate feedback. Also, I’d like to invite you out to my solo band’s show Friday Oct 2nd at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard. The opener Mike Mendez and Friends starts at 7, and then my band goes on 9:30. I hope to see you around soon!

    1. Hey Matthew, let me know if you want me to include your name or if you like being a cat. I’ll try t make it and will keep an eye out for your band, thanks for the tip.

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