Jamie Wyeth at SAMA

family-treeJamie Wyeth comes from a historied family of New England painters. Indeed, when his aunt, Henriette Wyeth married Peter Hurd in 1929 they carried this generational aptitude West, to Santa Fe, NM.

The son of Andrew Wyeth, Jamie enjoyed special access to the art scene of the 1970’s, forming life long friendships with Andy Warhol and Rudolph Nureyev, both subjects of his early work.

Known for his incredible work ethic and for following the dictates of his curiosity, Wyeth paints what he observes in his daily life.  With the passing of his father and other influential friends, his imagination has turned to dreamscapes, which include some of his major influences: John Singleton Copley, Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, Rockwell Kent, and Edward Hopper.   But his passion and his home will always be Monhegan Island, and the people and creatures he loves.  The Brandywine River Museum features NC and Andrew Wyeth’s studios and sends this remarkable 6 decade retrospective of Jamie’s work on a national tour, with their best regards.

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