Jazz Brunch Sundays at the Nutty Brown Cafe

The Nutty Brown Cafe and Amphitheatre is one of those places I’ve intended to go but never quite made it to until the Sunday Jazz Brunch caught my eye. Heading West on Hwy 71/290 just before Dripping Springs, it’s a classic roadhouse cafe with a great patio under the oaks and friendly servers dishing up TXAmerican fare.
Cowboys and cowgirls are welcome, but I didn’t see any dogs on the patio.

The brunch was notable for the variety of generally tasty dishes, with migas and fresh fruit among my favorites.  Waffles were available upon request, french toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns and a chorizo bake comprised the breakfast offerings while lunch included smoked bbq chicken, potato salad, stuffed pork chops with apple glaze, beef medallions and tilapia, both over rice.  The pecan cobbler was also quite good.




Bonus points for having a macaw in a decent sized cage.  He or she was fairly responsive and seems to like women and children.

It was very pleasant just sitting outside watching the clouds roll by with a nice breeze keeping things cool.  Bill enjoyed the

variety of foods he wouldn’t normally cook for himself, which is probably a good thing given our suspicions about the overall calorie count.  The ingredients were fresh and nicely prepared and it’s possible to manage temptation and get your money’s worth at $13.00 per person.  The band provided a nice compliment to the relaxed morning’s dining.  I’ll be happy to go out with a few friends for another outing.  The brunch is served from 10am until 2pm, so even in the summer, the patio should be cool enough to enjoy  in the mornings and evenings.

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