June 2018 Johnson City Art Walk

Off to Johnson City again for an art walk saunter.  My friend and I stopped in at the 290 Vinery and were introduced to a lively sampling of their 2017 varietals, including Caught Red Handed, Little White Lies and Seriously Red. Like many inviting outdoor patio and garden spaces in town, the gorgeous oaks that frame their simple, elegant winery will provide a great Autumn tasting experience. Alison Lanik (our host and  manager) works with her mom, Susan Kirchman, who co-founded the Taste Gallery with her husband, Warren Vilmaire, which evolved into the 290 Vinery. Definitely a family with style.

TeXCeTerA Gallery was our next stop. Featured artists Cindy Cherrington and Deb Wight in the Nature of Glass show team up at other hill country events and have some beautiful pieces at prices you won’t find in Austin.  Art lovers can’t go wrong with this easy drive and the promise of something for everyone. Echo, the non-art art gallery is more than an art or curio shop, it’s a collector’s field of dreams. I included a few pieces in the gallery below, which cannot adequately represent the overwhelming array of objects d’art. Janet Haynes, a long time Johnson City resident, was featured in the small gallery in the back of this sprawling store.

After revisiting the A.Smith Gallery and Texas Arthouse, we went to Studio Massaro and had a great talk with Catherine, the artist and gallery owner. Like many of the artists and gallery owners I’ve met in Johnson City, she is well-traveled and accomplished.  They are happy with their growing community and welcome art lovers and foodies alike.  I’ve been impressed in both my visits, finding kindred souls who are thriving and living their passion.

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