Russet Friday at Hamilton Pool

I thought heading out to Hamilton Pool just West of Austin would be a good way to avoid the Black Friday crowds.  Apparently I was not the only person with this bright idea.  While the surprising swarm of international park visitors undercut my commune with nature, it was still a cool, beautiful walk through the flaming cypress trees down to the Pedernales River. Imagine the smell of cypress, a rich, woodsy perfume underfoot and wafting through the trees. It’s a hilly trail so bring water and be prepared for a good hike.

2 Replies to “Russet Friday at Hamilton Pool”

  1. Nice pictures. Great colors. Bright overcast days are what photographers dream about for outdoor photos of fall color, or in fact outdoor anything.

    1. Thanks Jim, it looks a lot more peaceful than it was. I’m glad the cypress trees still hold an allure. They are definitely one of the things I would miss the most about Texas if I left.

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