West Austin Studio Tour – hanging with David Amdur

Back in the day, the Amdur Gallery lived on East 5th Street, a combination woodworking shop and fine arts gallery showcasing Austin artists who went on to national and international acclaim. Julie Speed, Helmut Barnett, Melissa Grimes, Malou Flato, Doug Jaques, and Jon Narum, were some of the featured artists. While the gallery closed downtown David Amdur remains as productive as ever, now in South Austin, with his shop and basketball court incorporated into a studio living complex. In the home he designed and built, we see the same sensibility that made the gallery a success and helped put Austin artists on the map. David knows wood. His sculptures have been featured in many shows, including three pieces in the People’s Gallery at Austin City Hall. The shop features modern equipment but, as you can see, there is a timeless, turn of the century quality, both in his rhythmic sculptures and in the craft. I remain impressed as ever by his creative process, steady as he goes. These days David can be found on any number of project sites and at home, reflecting on life, taking abuse from his cat, playing guitar, shooting hoops and feeding his fish. As a member of the Guild of Austin Artisans David continues to hone his craft and ensure another generation of fine woodworkers benefits from the Amdur design aesthetic. Please follow the links to Amdur Works to see why I remain so impressed.