Austin Bucket list: Brunch at Fonda San Miguel

Stepping into the courtyard of Fonda San Miguel takes you into another time and place. Awash in rich colors and unique and sometimes unexpected art the setting is certainly a fitting tribute to the fresh and flavorful menu. Laughing_girl
I’ve battled crowds at Happy hour and somehow managed to find a cozy nook, but brunch is the signature dining experience at Fonda San Miguel. I knew it would be impossible to enjoy a light meal when we were greeted by the desserts, a delectable array of sumptuous confections spanning the north side of the table. Dessert We were fortunate to catch Chef Miguel Ravago holding court at the salad and seafood table. ChefMiguelHis running commentary was extremely entertaining, but my prime directive was to determine how I could taste as many savory dishes as possible before I paid homage to my sweet tooth. Savory highlights included the exquisite ceviche, roasted quail, spinach salad tossed in sesame oil, and the nopales. The usual suspects: tamales, guacamole, corn souffle, beans and veggies were all well represented. SeafoodSalad Chef Miguel’s primary residence is London with an eye to opening a restaurant in Paris. He presided over the table with a kind of terrible grace, knowing his power, yet choosing to be kind. Meeting him was certainly a highpoint. Veggies After breathing deeply and sipping my fifth cup of coffee, the moment had arrived. moredessertFortunately, my companions had expertise in the art of fine dining and brunch excess. Afterward, we strolled slowly through the Harry Ransom Center remembering family who had gone to War, so close, yet so far from the warmth and ambiance of Fonda San Miguel.