Juke joint rolling down Hwy 77

Heading South to the Rockport Music Festival, I relied on some fine Texas blues to put me in the mood. I started with one of my favorite “broads,” Angela Strehli shown here with Stevie and Jimmy Vaugh, Denny Freeman and Kim Wilson. .
Oh, the early days at Huts, Liberty Lunch, Soap Creek Saloon, Antone’s, the AusTex and the Continental Club. First up: David Grissom and Derek O’Brien with Malfred Milligan. .
So many great bands come and gone. By the time my sister Carol and I finished a delicious meal at Cheryl’s by the Bay and the Perfect Chocolate Martini at the Lighthouse Inn we were ready for some shadow dancing to Los Lobos, who brought it big time. .
My shadow hadn’t hit a groove like that in years, but don’t worry baby, it’s not the last.

Riding back from the beach, Lucinda Williams returned the joy I felt the first time I saw her at the Alamo Hotel, singing Robert Johnson’s Malted Milk
truly too cool to be forgotten
As is the great Doug Sahm, bringing it on home this Stormy Monday .