NY NY People who love people

People who need people should definitely consider living in NYC.  The intersection of cultures, class, mood and generation on the subway brings the collective subconscious center stage.  If I were to imagine purgatory it would be here with pockets of gentility, poverty, of money, art and businesses of every kind jostling for attention.  There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. People’s faces wear the expression of their inner preoccupations, little planets orbiting their cascading thoughts.

Despite my thoughts of swarming ants, I respect the acceptance of these people for each other, pressed cheek to jowl at every turn.  The multi-faced human being, streaming through a city of such immense beauty and grime is just too much to feel at once.  Still, my feelers are out, taking small bites of the big apple, probing the soul of the city as I blow through the streets like a moth flitting through the dark and light.