Spring in June at McKinney Falls

After two preoccupying years of of remodeling, searching for a new home and moving, I am now where I belong.  I have arrived in my studio above the fields.  So on this spring day in June, I took off to McKinney Falls state park to saunter.  Soon, my mind will throw out the net to see what’s next.  Let the dance of summer begin.

Reflections on the New Year

Finding an oasis in the city like McKinney Falls, fed by Onion Creek, keeps ennui at bay.  Walking in the afternoon sun on the last day of our winter break, Bill and I had to really use a sauntering eye.  When the scenery is spectacular, it’s easy to overlook small delights.  Maximizing little pleasures has long been a secret to keeping my heart fire lit, so with time and fresh air the flame steadies.  I’ve been thinking about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and feeling chained by my work a day world. Time for meditation, reflection pictured below with shadow play to come. What is it about dreams, reflections, shadow and light that teases my imagination?