Celebrating the Space in Between

This Easter Sunday brings themes of crucifixion and resurrection, the birth of Spring and the death of Winter. The Passion Play features the human drama through the life of Christ, the humane being who was sacrificed on the pillar of our inhumanity. Religion often paints the world in black and white, good and evil, dark and light in pageantry rich with color, full of drama. It is the life of Spirit that demands pomp, trumpets, thunder and lightening. Or is it? For every resurrection there is a death, but what about the space in between?

As gestation precedes birth, resurrection requires a period of introversion, a time to listen and to feel the gentle approach of the wholly spirit. Wholeness, integration and peace reflect the indwelling presence of grace, God’s love. Without calming our aroused and overburdened senses, we lose that moment of suspension, “best just before” when anticipation evaporates in the fullness of being. Here and nowhere else, no past, no future, recognizing a divine connection within and outside of ourselves.

How often do we take the time to find this space, always present in the background of our lives? If we remove all the layers of thought that obscure this still point of eternal emergence, the beginning of the beginning, who remains? Can we re-cognize the humane being, God’s flame residing in each of us? I am allowing myself to let go of who/what/where I think God is. I don’t know but I feel the support of a spirit that integrates me, that brings me comfort and guides me to love. In the space between the thoughts, the chores and the pleasures of daily life, spirit blows like a gentle wind. Bringing us ever closer to the moment in which we embrace ourselves in loving kindness and offer the same to others. May peace have her way with us some day.