Whose Eyes?

BabyEyesWhose eyes are these,
blinking the world into being?

From the ground, to the air
From the ocean and deep below
Whose eyes are those?

That dog, love shining in her eyes,
Grandpa chasing his little boy
Street eyes, turned inside
Eyes, searching mine
to see a friend or foe?

So many eyes, pouring
thoughts and feelings into each other
like pitchers of light
mingling laughter and tears
Streaming through the cosmos

EyesSmilingThere’s a soul of kindness inside
each and every pair.
Smile the next time

you look into someone’s eyes.  God will see you.

For the holidays

Awakening (Dec 2008)

The call to awaken is strong. I feel myself drowning in the dawns long fingers
stretching into days filled with work and family, pleasure and pain.

I teeter between the thoughts that claim me,
what’s left of my life after everyone gets their slice
And the river flowing to the sound of the monks chanting a blessing of purification
The deep calm of acceptance, knowing the impermanence, the wisdom in letting go

Precious moments squandered too many times, the hollow laughter,
clutching at the vanities of youth,
fearing old age leaves grace standing orphaned at the door

Some say the path to honor lies within through chastity, obedience and poverty.
The spiritual weapons of a simple life brings light to the lifeless,
drowning in the abyss of material intoxication

Realizing I have left my family behind, knowing my path has no standard reward
Learning to love the life inside each soul, brings peace
Desire transmuted resurrects spirit bringing succor to wounds laid bare by life’s follies

I am chastened, facing the futility of conditional love. If only this, then all is well
Hollow victories, sexual conquest like eating unripe fruit trades thorns for roses
Leaving the garden full of weeds

When centered, nourished by the source, our garden grows in beauty and love
Love long denied is given at last by one’s Self, our mysterious ground of being
Never lost to whim or woe, a sanctuary to which we must go

Then pleasure seeks another tone,
bringing harmony to the needy beast, which now is tame
A lion brought into the fold, with sheep lying regal in repose

My mother’s soul embraces the unknown with no map from me
she flies free to go where she will
I love her spirit and let our battles go,
the ego’s wounds healing with holy spirit’s soothing balm

Our healing path to eternal love will lead us on through time and trouble
in solitude and in the comfort of true friendships

It is God to whom we aspire in every moment of real or imagined bliss